Gridworks Energy

Gridworks Energy is one of the pioneers of solar energy installations in Edmonton, Alberta. With over 20 years of experience installing solar systems and being 100% indigenous owned and operated, they have been a trusted solar contractor for decades.

They specialize in commercial and residential solar PV installations throughout Alberta and British Columbia.

What challenges was Gridworks Energy facing?

Gridworks Energy was facing tough competition in the Alberta solar industry, making it difficult for them to attract and convert potential customers from their website. They needed a strategy to attract targeted traffic, qualify more leads and generate more revenue from booked jobs.

1. Website Design

The website created was difficult and would break often, which hurt traffic and conversions, reducing the number of leads acquired every month.

2. SEO Strategy

There was no SEO strategy in place and no research was conducted for website content, resulting in no traffic and no leads.

3. Conversion Tracking

Website conversion tracking was non-existent, so we had no data on where any leads came from.

How did Easy Mode Media solve these issues?

Easy Mode Media integrated our Systematic Solar Leads strategy to provide solutions to the problems Gridworks Energy faced in their SEO and marketing campaigns.

By solving the issues faced, Gridworks Energy doubled their monthly revenue from $85k to $170k.

1. Web Design

Using our Solar Design Software we improved website conversions by 436%, from 1.1% to 4.8%.
This allowed our marketing efforts to bring in 4.8x as many leads within the first 2 months of the campaign.
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2022 Revenue

2. SEO Strategy

Our Systematic Solar Leads strategy brought in 144% more traffic form Google search results. This increased the average monthly leads Gridworks Energy received by 200%, from 34 to 68.
On top of this, Gridworks Energy closed 3 commercial solar installations that generated in excess of $10 million in revenue in 2022.

3. Conversion Tracking

Of course, none of the above accomplishments would be known if there wasn’t reliable tracking incorporated into the campaign.
This is where our Solar Conversion Tracking system was used to generate the data on how the campaign was performing. This is included as part of our Systematic Solar Leads strategy.

What are the results for Gridworks Energy?

The SEO strategy implemented by Easy Mode Media led to the following results:

  • Monthly revenue increased from $85,000 to $170,000, representing a 200% increase.
  • The company received an extra 34 leads per month, resulting in more sales opportunities.
  • The website’s conversion rate improved by 436%, meaning more leads from existing traffic were generated.
  • Targeted traffic increased by 144%, leading to more visitors to the website.
  • The SEO efforts helped close 3 large commercial installations in 2022, generating over $10 million in revenue.

Client testimonial

My company, Gridworks Energy, hired Ben at Easy Mode Media to take care of our SEO services, he has gone above and beyond to help us develop a website that is much more friendly and easier to use for us and our clients and for Google services. Easy Mode Media has been crucial in landing several large jobs this year. We are incredibly happy with his services and work he has provided us. We recommend Ben and Easy Mode Media to anyone.
Randall Benson
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