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How Gridworks Energy Generated $12M+ Revenue With SEO Over 12 Months.

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That’s right, a 385% increase in leads created a 9500% increase in revenue from organic search alone. That’s what you get when you work with the solar marketing specialists.

The Client and the Problem

Gridworks Energy is one of the pioneers of solar energy in Edmonton, Canada. With over 20 years of experience, they specialize in commercial and residential solar PV installations throughout the province of Alberta.

While they have been a trusted solar contractor for decades, their growth had stagnated and the company was often failing to optimally utilize their workforce due to problems in their lead generation process.

Working with Easy Mode Media, Gridworks Energy now books consistent solar installations and increased revenue from SEO and PPC by 361%.

So how did we help Gridworks Energy generate consistent solar jobs?

Challenge #1 - A Dated and Difficult Website

Gridworks Energy was operating a website that was overdue for an update.

The site was difficult to manage, time-consuming to make edits and adjustments to, and would often crash completely.

This site was not only stressful and expensive to operate, it was directly costing Gridworks revenue by breaking and loading slowly.

A company’s website is the vehicle we use to generate leads. We needed to fix the broken vehicle, before adding fuel to drive it forward.

How was this solved?

We installed our Solar Website Design Software which is custom-designed to maximise lead generation.

Conversion rates improved by 527%, from 1.23% to 7.71%.

That means for every 100 people that visit Gridworks Energy, on average, 7.7 people contact them. A massive improvement from 1.2 leads per 100 visits.

With the website redesign, we could now be confident that sending users from organic search (or any other channel) would have a guaranteed return on investment.

Challenge #2 - No SEO Strategy In Place

Gridworks Energy was facing tough competition in the Alberta solar industry. The lack of a revenue-focused SEO strategy had left them with a drip feed of leads from Google search results, but not nearly enough.

Without consistent search engine leads, Gridworks relied on referrals to book jobs. Referrals lack the lead consistency Gridworks Energy needed to reach its growth targets.

With our data-backed approach, we were confident we could generate consistently booked solar jobs from free traffic from Google searches.

How was this solved?

How was this solved?
As specialists in Solar SEO, we implemented a complete campaign for Gridworks Energy focused on targeted lead generation, resulting in book PV installations.

We only work with the best solar companies, so our processes and insights into marketing solar companies are unmatched.

With a robust SEO strategy in place, booked solar jobs from SEO increased by 461%, with an estimated monthly revenue of $310,000.

We also worked hard to enable them to break into the commercial solar market. This directly resulted in booking them several large jobs, earning the company an estimated $12 million in revenue.

Our proprietary Solar Conversion Tracking Software shows an estimated 110x Return On Investment (ROI). For every $1 invested, they saw $110 in revenue back.

Where else do you get that ROI? Quality SEO gets quality results.

Challenge #3 - “We Don’t Know What Is Working With Our Marketing”

A common problem solar companies face is ineffective conversion tracking. Where are your solar leads actually coming from?

Our Solar Conversion Software doesn’t just show you where your leads are coming from, it enables you to accurately measure the success of your marketing efforts.

With no clue what channels were bringing in leads to their website, Gridworks Energy had been operating in the dark. By guessing how to generate consistent jobs, they were wasting opportunity and their marketing budgets.

Do you know where your solar leads are coming from? It’s time to stop guessing and start tracking!

How was this solved?

We built our proprietary Solar Conversion Tracking Software for precisely this reason. By accurately tracking calls and form submissions from the website, we can prove exactly what is (and isn’t working).

At Easy Mode Media, we don’t measure the success of SEO on rankings and traffic. We only succeed when we generate our client’s huge ROI and we can prove it with our tracking data.

We can show how leads found your website and what page on your website they contacted you from.

Challenge #4 - “We Need Leads Now and Multiple Channels of Generation”

We identified that while SEO would be a great source of customers in the mid-term, Gridworks Energy needed new leads ASAP.

We know from experience that SEO and Google ads work particularly well together to create multiple channels of lead generation for solar companies.

With a solid PPC strategy, we could ensure a much faster time to generate leads.

How was this solved?

Using the extensive data from our SEO work, Easy Mode Media implemented a highly targeted pay-per-click (PPC) solar ad campaign for Google search.

With our experienced approach, we were able to lock in consistent lead generation within 3 weeks of the campaign beginning.

Consistent analysis and optimization saw this Google Ads campaign become more profitable.

Since this is an ongoing campaign, we’ve taken a current snapshot of our results.

Key Metrics of This Solar PPC Campaign:

Leads > $5,750 ad spend generated 77 qualified solar leads.

CPL = $74.60

Sales > 17% of these leads sold. 13 jobs. CPA = $450 = ~$156,000 in revenue

(ROAS) Return On Ad Spend = 26.3x

(ROI) Return On Investment = 9.5x

What are the results for Gridworks Energy?

The SEO and PPC strategy implemented by Easy Mode Media had the following results:

Client Testimonial

My company, Gridworks Energy, hired Ben at Easy Mode Media to take care of our SEO services, he has gone above and beyond to help us develop a website that is much more friendly and easier to use for us and our clients and for Google services.

Easy Mode Media has been crucial in landing several large jobs this year. We are incredibly happy with his services and work he has provided us. We recommend Ben and Easy Mode Media to anyone.
Randall Benson
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