SEO for Solar Companies

Does your company need qualified and exclusive solar leads?

Our tested solar company SEO strategy will get you results – we guarantee it or we refund 100% of your investment.

We only work with contractors and we focus on SEO.
Which means we’re the experts in what we do.

SEO for Solar Companies:
We Guarantee Solar Leads OR You Don't Pay

That’s right, we put our money where our results are.

If we can’t prove our service has generated at least a 3x ROI, then we will refund you 100% of your investment with us.

How can we make a results-driven claim like this? Especially when no other SEO agencies are?

Because we get results we can measure. Our solar clients get consistent and exclusive leads. We’re not just another marketing agency, we’re the Solar SEO Specialists.

We offer 4 things that set us apart from every other agency out there:

#1 - We only work with solar companies

Your solar SEO campaign will be led by a qualified electrician with hands on experience in the solar industry.

We know what turns website visitors into booked jobs for your solar business.

#2 - Focused on generating exclusive solar leads

Investing with us allows you to see exactly what is working and what isn’t with our focused solar conversion tracking strategy.

You’ll know exactly how your SEO campaign and website are generating leads for your business.

#3 - We guarantee results or you don't pay

We’re so confident we can get all our clients results – that we guarantee it. 

If we can’t prove at least a 3x ROI, we’ll refund you 100% of your investment with us.

#4 - We include a free website with services

Yes, you read that right. All our solar SEO clients get access to our Solar Website Design Software.

Save months of web design work and get your free solar website redesigned quickly.

Need Qualified and Consistent Solar Leads?

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Solar SEO Lead Generation For Any Location - That Works!

As long as people want solar, we will get you solar leads in major cities or small towns.

Our geo-targeted solar strategy works. It’s how we can provide all our clients with a results-based guarantee.

Stop wasting time with leads that aren’t a good fit or aren’t even in your service area.

We get you the local solar leads that turn into booked jobs.

How SEO for solar companies in ensures a consistent flow of leads and revenue

Just like there’s a huge difference in the quality of solar installation companies, there’s also a huge difference in SEO services for solar companies.

Content Marketing For Solar Companies

Content for solar companies is critical to ensuring consistent leads. It’s just another advantage of working with an industry specialist. 

We already know the content that converts into paying jobs. Stop wasting time with mediocre solar content strategies.

This includes ensuring that your exclusive leads are a good fit and interested in solar and being located within your service area.

Local Solar Leads With Google Business Profile

We utilize Google Business Profile to generate local solar leads for your company. 

Many businesses will set and forget their solar company Google Business Profile. That means they miss out on leads every single month.

If you need solar leads generated around your local area, then Google Business Profile is critical to the success of any SEO campaign.

Tell me if this sounds familiar: you’ve heard from solar marketing “experts” of promises of solar leads and nothing seems to work.

Don’t worry – we’ve heard the same story from many of our clients.

Here’s the thing: most SEO agencies will talk about rankings and traffic. They miss the most important part of a solar SEO campaign – booked jobs and revenue.

Our solar SEO process focuses on booking you solar installation jobs consistently.


Getting ranked for the critical keywords is important. But the keywords and strategies for the solar industry aren’t the same as for other industries.
That’s why Easy Mode Media solely focuses on SEO for solar companies – developing strategies tailored to your needs.

In fact, that’s all we do – we are a 100% solar-specialized SEO agency, helping solar contractors and companies get seen.

Tired of SEO agencies promising you all the leads under the sun but leaving you in the dark? That will never be us. If you’re ready to increase your online visibility and create a website that converts, we’re ready to help.

Why Do Most Solar SEO Campaigns Fail?

Many contractors we speak to have tried SEO and often we hear things like:

  • “We didn’t know if the agency was making a difference”
  • “Our last SEO agency promised us solar leads but we never saw results”
  • “We never heard from the agency”

If you’ve had disappointing results from SEO or been ghosted by an agency before – chances are they we’re new to the solar industry and had no proven process in place to generate consistent leads.

To be blunt, we care about your results. We’re only happy when you’re getting the leads you need to grow your solar company.

We track all conversions at a page level – we can show you exactly what is converting and explain why.

Your Website Needs to Convert. We're Giving You One For Free (Yes, Really!)

Sounds too good to be true? You better believe it. We offer free solar website designs for all our SEO clients.

We believe it’s so important to your success we’re giving our clients a free website as part of our service.

We’ll ensure your customers trust your company as soon as they land on your website.

We’ve done it before – and we know it works.

We Measure the Only Metric That Really Matters: Revenue

You shouldn’t hire an SEO agency only to see more clicks that don’t result in sales. If you do not see more leads and more solar installations booked, what’s the point?

Our founder, Ben McLaughlan, worked for over a decade as an electrician – he knows better than anyone the importance of leads, sales, and revenue to solar companies.

That’s why our entire SEO strategy isn’t directed at meaningless metrics. We target the most important metric of all: revenue.

Our Specialized Solar SEO Strategy

1. Connect and Strategize

The first step is to book in a call with us. You tell us where to focus, and we get to work.

Unlike most SEO agencies, we'll target the specific solar services and your target area to have the biggest impact on your revenue.

3. Solar SEO Implementation

We implement our proven Solar SEO Strategy from start to finish.

We know what generates exclusive solar leads consistently. We've done it countless times already - maybe even for your competitors.

2. Install Our Solar Website Design Software

Our solar website software is designed with one thing in mind - booking you more jobs.

You'll get this website installed for free and quickly, so we won't waste time getting you results.

4. Guarantees and Elite Reporting

We're so confident in getting you results we can prove, we guarantee it.

Using our Solar Reporting Software, we can show you exactly how much money our efforts have generated your business.

Need Qualified and Consistent Solar Leads?

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SEO for Solar Companies That Works

Whether it’s our attention to detail or tried-and-tested SEO strategy, we get results. High rankings in Google, actionable insights, and ongoing site tracking.

Little wonder that our clients see rising organic traffic, leads, and sales.

conversions increase from search result clicks
210 %
organic traffic increase traffic from organic search results
190 %
time on page increase from organic visitors
80 %

What does SEO services for solar contractors look like?

Every campaign we take on looks a little different – no two solar contractors are identical and our work reflects that. 

We take what you do and your goals into account to create the best website that will generate you more revenue.

Basically, our strategy breaks up into 4 phases:

Phase 1 - Initial Strategy and Website Rebuild

The first phase is crucial to getting you business the specific types of leads you're after. We work with you to answer these questions:

#1 Do you want residential or commercial leads? Or something else?

#2 What areas do you want leads from?

We then take all this information and craft your solar strategy.

This helps us get a positive ROI for your campaign as quickly as possible.

Phase 3 - Quality Content Creation

The third phase is all about creating content that takes a person from a website visitor to contacting you for a solar installation.

We’ve identified the critical keywords to rank for and we know what your main competitors have on their websites.

This phase is ongoing, as this is where the hidden power of SEO lies.

Phase 2 - On-Page Optimization

This stage takes all existing content and website structure and optimizes it to do better in Google search.

We know what ranks when it comes to solar contractor’s websites, so we restructure your website, content and all media to rank well.

As the campaign evolves, we are always performing on-page optimizations, it should always be part of the process.

Phase 4 - Relevant Link Building

Many SEO agencies will jump right to links with a campaign. Which is a terrible idea.

Once we have great content that we know will drive business, we use our link-building process to increase the authority of your website.

This phase is also ongoing. We’re always identifying and building new links to your website, as it is an important part of SEO - but needs to be done right.

Our Solar SEO Promise To You

Your results are our #1 priority. That’s why we literally guarantee our work with a legally binding agreement.

When you choose Easy Mode Media, we’ll never give you the runaround. We know how frustrating it is to ask for updates on your marketing and not hear anything for weeks or longer.

To apply to become a client of Easy Mode Media, book in a call and we will discuss the best options for your solar company.

No BS or sleazy marketing tactics, just honest marketing advice from a solar marketing specialist.

Need Qualified and Consistent Solar Leads?

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