You Can Hire a Generic SEO Company... Or You Can Hire a Dedicated Solar SEO Agency

Maximize your solar company’s online visibility and outshine the competition with a specialized Solar SEO agency.

You're Here Because You're Unsatisfied with Your Online Performance – We Can Fix That

We are an specialized solar SEO company with a heavy emphasis on the specialization – it’s all we do. Where other companies can offer cookie-cutter solutions to your search engine problems, no other SEO agency has our in-depth, first-hand experience of the solar industry.

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Meet Ben McLaughlan

Ben is the owner, founder, and mastermind behind Easy Mode Media. That’s me! While I’ve been helping contractors develop their SEO strategy for several years, once upon a time, I was a registered electrician. For over a decade, I worked on electrical systems, including detailed experience with solar power.

After transitioning into the world of SEO, I wondered how I could utilize my past experience. Like 30,000 volts, it struck me! I should help solar contractors and companies get ranked in Google – helping them and the planet in the process.

Fed up with SEO companies who don’t speak their jargon, many of my clients consider me their “ray of sunshine.” I’m the bridge between the world of SEO and you.

You want to get ranked in Google. You want to reach clients and companies currently beyond your grasp. You want to build brand awareness, increasing customers’ time on your site. I can help with all that and more.

Why not book a free strategy call and meet me for yourself?

Take Your Place in the Sun

Solar contractors face a growing problem: competition. As the solar industry sees unprecedented growth – it’s predicted to almost double globally by 2030 – more and more companies are entering the industry seeking to cash in.

In search engine optimization (SEO), there’s only one top spot on the search engine results page (SERP). The further down the page you go, the fewer clicks you get. To succeed – outcompeting other companies – you need to rank for the search terms that convert users to paying clients.

That’s where I come in. I work closely with contractors, performing a thorough site audit to determine where your strengths and weaknesses are. My in-depth reports aren’t merely focused on traffic but the key metric of all: revenue.

Here at Easy Mode Media, you’ll only talk to me – and only me. No run around. No second best. You receive the highest quality SEO service money can buy. I limit the number of clients I take so that I can dedicate my attention to you.
That’s a lesson I learned from my days as an electrician: if you don’t focus on the task at hand, you’re in for a shock.

In my mind, that’s how business should be – personal, honest, and easy.

What We Stand For

Clients have thousands of SEO agencies to choose from worldwide. There’s hardly any difference between most of these companies – but there’s a tendency towards overpromising and cookie-cutter solutions.

So what is different with me? Why choose me? That’s easy: Honesty. Transparency. Simplicity.


Ask us a question, and we’ll give you a straight answer – whatever you want to know.

When we work with clients, we always keep them in the loop from day one. You can expect regular reports and consistent feedback so you can chart our progress.


Trust is the foundation of every business relationship. You need to believe what I promise.

That’s why we only ever promise what we can deliver. No false promises. No lies. Just high-quality SEO services.


It’s the golden rule of business: keep it simple. We never overcomplicate our strategies or needlessly use jargon to baffle and confuse. 

Our reports are written in plain English so you can understand what matters – how much money have we made you?

Trust an SEO Expert Who Thinks Like You

I may work in SEO, but I’ve never stopped thinking like a sparky. I identify problems and know how to fix them. That’s a language I know you can understand.

You’re only a few steps away from booking a call with me.
I’m ready to explore your options, discover your business, and find a solution to your SEO woes.
Book a FREE initial consultation to get started.

In short – I get results for contractors in the solar industry. But don’t take my word for it, visit our results page to see for yourself.

What We Do

Our solar SEO company tailored toward the demands of the solar industry. We’re perfect for solar companies frustrated at low organic traffic, struggling with low conversion rates, or a lack of time spent on your site. Given the solar industry’s rapid expansion, now is the time to expand your reach through targeted SEO services.

SEO Audit

Every SEO strategy begins with an audit. We'll appraise your site, identifying what's good and what needs changing. We'll review keywords, page load times, content quality, and more to learn your biggest weaknesses.

Competitor Research

You're competing for keywords and the top spots in Google. That's why we don't take any chances – looking at what your competitors do well and where their weaknesses lie. We'll retool your site to outcompete theirs with our proven SEO strategy.

Keyword Research

Keywords are the terms customers use when searching online. Using these keywords throughout your site can help you get found – but first, we need to identify traffic-boosting keywords to rank for.

Local SEO

Want to reach customers in your local area? We'll devise a personalized strategy to target your local or regional search results.

Link Building

Backlinks are the secret weapon to skyrocketing up the rankings. We build clients a link portfolio to the highest industry standards. You'll rank top of the page through high-quality links, becoming the authority in your industry.

In the meantime, here's what I've achieved for clients so far…

conversions increase from search result clicks
210 %
organic traffic increase traffic from organic search results
190 %
time on page increase from organic visitors
80 %
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