About Easy Mode Media

The Short Story

Created in 2020, Easy Mode Media is a small company devoted to helping website owners improving their search visibility, traffic and conversions through Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Getting your website to the first page of Google has never been more important, and with a solid Search Engine Optimization strategy, that’s not as difficult as it might sound.

Easy Mode Media prides itself on being transparent and honest, while offering simple SEO solutions that will offer a greater ROI for local and globally owned businesses.

Ben McLaughlan

Owner and Founder of Easy Mode Media

Ben McLaughlan is the owner of Easy Mode Media

Who is Easy Mode Media

Easy Mode Media is a small business owned and operated by Ben McLaughlan. 

That’s me, a 32 year old Australian, living in Edmonton, Canada, with a history of working online through ventures that led me to find my passion for Search Engine Optimization and helping owners just like you win at SEO.

Easy Mode Media prides itself on quality. This limits the number of clients I’m able to take on at any one time. 

This means you can count on the highest quality of service.

If you contact or work with Easy Mode Media, you will talk to me and only me,.

Your business won’t be forgotten about like in some large agency where you’re just another client. 

In my mind, that’s the way business should be done – personable, honest and the best service money can buy.

Why Choose Easy Mode Media

Transparency, Honesty and Simplicity


Simple Search Engine Optimization. Let Easy Mode Media answer any questions about SEO in plain English.

Keep the fancy terminology out of it so you understand every step.


If there’s no trust, there’s no business. Being honest and up front is the only way Easy Mode Media will ever operate.

Authentic and genuine Search Engine Optimization.


You’ll always be in the loop  on how your Search Engine Optimization strategy is coming along.

Get regular reporting and consistent feedback.

Results Driven Investment

Delivering results is the top priority of any SEO campaign. But every website and business is unique and every strategy will improve the key metrics specific to your business.

Whether it’s just increasing website traffic, driving more engagement or some sort of conversion, Easy Mode Media makes sure we are targeting the results that matter.

Easy Mode Media average SEO improvements

Get in touch with Easy Mode Media by email and I’ll respond as fast as possible!

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