Specialized Solar Marketing Services

Easy Mode Media is the solar marketing specialist

We only work with solar installation companies that are serious about growth and generating exclusive solar leads.

Why Solar Marketing Is Important

How else are you going to generate consistent leads? You might say referrals, but they are inconsistent. Or lead lists that are often low quality and sold to several companies.

To ensure your solar company thrives, you need real and consistent leads flowing in. In short, solar marketing is becoming more and more important.

Stop wasting time and money. Talk to a solar marketing specialist and implement a tested and verified strategy.

Why Choose Easy Mode Media for Solar Marketing?

Easy Mode Media are the solar marketing experts. How can we say that?

#1 – We get results. We’ve generated exclusive and consistent solar leads for clients around the globe AND we have the data to prove it.

#2 – We only work with solar companies. We know what does (and doesn’t) work when it comes to generating consistent solar leads.

#3 – We know the solar industry. You’re working with a qualified electrician with hands on solar experience. Easy Mode Media’s founder, Ben McLaughlan, is also a qualified sparky.

You wouldn’t trust a general handyman to install a solar system, so why trust a general marketing agency to get you the results your company deserves.

The Importance of a Specialized Solar Marketing Agency

Put it this way, would you rather bring on an agency and then spend the first month learning the very basics of solar power?
Bring on an agency that only works in the solar industry, and knows the ins and outs of the solar industry? 

It’s a simple decision. We get results faster than other agencies due to our specialization.

Need Qualified and Consistent Solar Leads?

Book a Call With The Solar Specialist

Our Specialized Approach to Solar Marketing

We believe in only taking on solar companies that are serious about exclusive lead generation and that we can help achieve their marketing goals.

You won’t hear BS solar marketing strategies that lead to an awkward conversation in 6 months about lack of results.

You will understand what we are doing and have access to custom reporting that shows actual lead generation.

Stop wasting time on data that doesn’t matter and get serious about what does – booked installations and revenue.

SEO Services for Solar Companies

SEO for solar companies isn’t dead, you’ve just been listening to agencies that don’t know how to win when it comes to solar companies.

How about a guarantee?

If you’re accepted on as a client, we guarantee you AT LEAST a 3x ROI with our SEO services.

What other SEO agency out there is making that claim? None.

Welcome to the true solar specialist.

Read more about our Solar SEO program here.

Website Design for Solar Businesses

Need a modern and trusted solar website built? Plug in our solar website software and watch your conversion rates skyrocket.

What’s the point of having website traffic if no one is contacting you? If your website doesn’t generate trust, authority and compel a person to contact you, you’ve lost that customer.

Your website molded into our tried and tested solar software ensures will turn readers into customers.

Read more about our solar marketing software here.

Google Ads for Solar Promotion

Do you need consistent and exclusive leads now? Google Ads!

Have you heard that PPC doesn’t work for solar companies? That the cost per click (CPC) is too high?

Are you listening to generalists again that don’t know how to win at solar lead gen?

Google Ads provide a solid ROI as people are actively searching for solar installation companies, rather than just scrolling through social media or getting a cold call.

Get in front of people that are actually interested in solar quickly and generate real leads.

Facebook Solar Ads That BookYour Jobs

Chances are you've seen several Facebook ads by solar companies.

That's because targeted ads book solar PV installations. Simple as that.

We know what it takes to generate solar leads from Facebook Ads, consistently and at a low cost.

High quality ad copy, eye-catching ad creatives, landing pages that convert and constantly testing and optimizing so your campaign never goes stale!

Ready to automate your solar lead gen with Facebook Ads? Book a call today.

FAQs on Solar Marketing

Each campaign is different. Some locations are more competitive and need bigger budgets to get results.

It also depends on how fast you want to see results. We offer aggressive solar marketing packages for those that are tired of wasting time.

Please book in a call and we will define the best strategy for your business, along with a price and a estimate timeline.

No, we don’t. Every lead we generate for you is 100% exclusive to your business. We don’t sell lead lists.

Estimated time frames vary greatly. Our education process will determine the best course of action for your company along with a detailed analysis of competitors, recommended budget and expected timeframes.


Please book a call below to get a tailored solar marketing package.

By targeting the right words people are entering into Google search. Sounds easy, right? We target the phrases (or keywords) that are likely to convert a website visitor into a paying customer.

Yes, we do. Check out our results page for a detailed list of our past campaigns.

Solar Marketing That Promises Results

As solar specialists, we’re putting our money where our results are. We guarantee results, or your money back!

Easy Mode Media founder, Ben McLaughlan, worked for over a decade as an electrician – he knows better than anyone the importance of leads, sales, and revenue to solar companies.

That’s why our entire SEO strategy isn’t directed at meaningless metrics. We target the most important metric of all: revenue.

Get Started with Easy Mode Media

Are you ready to stop wasting time and marketing budget on empty promises from other marketing agencies?

Easy Mode Media is the solar marketing specialist. Book a call below and we will prove why a solar specialist for marketing is key to generating consistent solar leads.

Need Qualified and Consistent Solar Leads?

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