Facebook Ads For Solar Companies | 101 Leads in 90 Days (GUARANTEED)

Facebook ads for solar companies popping up constantly? It’s because they generate some of the cheapest solar leads out there – consistently.

You can go at it yourself – or you can save your valuable time and hire the solar marketing specialist to do it for you.

We ONLY work with solar companies – just like yours.

Quality Facebook Ads For Solar Companies

You can’t just put up a few words and a blurry image and expect consistent leads from Facebook.

Many solar companies are running Facebook ads because they work, which there is stiff competition when it comes to consistently qualified lead generation.

It’s all about targeting the right people who are interested at the right time. That’s where a specialized solar marketing company comes in.

We know what generates consistently booked jobs when it comes to Facebook ads.

For example, an ad targeting people who want “free solar” is terrible choice, because it might bring in solar leads, but once you tell them the investment price, they aren’t interested.

Facebook ads for solar companies work when you put 3 elements together:
1. Focus on saving money as the #1 priority.
2. Show how your company stands out among the noise.
3. Your ad, including design and media, should include a human element.
4. Bonus – Ensure your ad has a strong and clear call to action.

Stop wasting time on strategies that JUST. DON’T. WORK.

Why Many Companies Are Turning To Solar Ads on Facebook

Many solar company Facebook ads generate clicks for less than a dollar and a Cost Per Lead (CPL) for under $20, which leads to cheap Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) or in other words, cheap booked jobs.

If your company needs more booked installations, Facebook ads can produce cheap and consistent leads when created by someone who knows what they are doing.

But the longer you wait to take action, the more competitive solar ads on Facebook are set to become.

The benefits of Facebook ads for your solar company are:

  • Cheap Cost Per Lead and Acquisition, which means higher profit margins for you.
  • Fast time to see results, we see leads flow within weeks, not months.
  • Pre-qualified with our process that gathers whatever information you need to sell.
  • Real people equal real leads. Don’t buy lead lists; generate your own.

Solar Facebook Ads Results For Our Clients - Quick Case Study

Here is a client that spend $6,568 on ads and generated $288,00 in revenue. That’s an 18.4x Return on Investment (ROI).

Why Work With Easy Media?

We stand out among the noise from 1000’s of ad agencies, but how?

  • We only work with solar companies, just like yours. This means there’s no waste time learning your industry.
  • Founded by a qualified electrician of over 14 years. 
  • We offer a guarantee of “101 Leads in 90 Days..or we work for free until we do”.

If you want to stop wasting time and money with ad agencies that don’t deliver results, or even care if they do – then book in a call with Easy Mode Media today.

What Makes Easy Mode Media Different?

You’ve heard it before, but we mean it – we care about your results. 

We want long term partnerships, not just clients. But the only way that happens is if we get you a strong return on your ads. 

Unlike most other agencies, you own everything we create for you. 

Ready to speak to someone who only wins when you do? Book in a call today.

We Help Solar Companies Grow Consistently

Whether you’re a brand new solar company or adding another lead source, you’re in the right place.

No matter where you are in the world, Facebook has a huge potential customer base for advertising your company.

As a true specialist (100% of our clients are solar companies just like you), we will generate you solar leads that turn into closed jobs. 

On top of that, we have a tried and tested process of generating pre-qualified, consistent and exclusive solar leads on a budget.

Need Qualified and Consistent Solar Leads?

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Solar Facebook Ad Agency

What Is Our Process of Facebook Ads For Solar Companies?

Our process for setting up solar ads on Facebook ensures speed at getting you leads that turn into revenue. That word “revenue” is key.

Once you become our client, we get to work setting up your campaign that same day. There’s no time wasted.

Phase 1 - Research Phase

With any marketing campaign, research is key. We work together with you to identify key considerations, such as:

  • What type of solar leads do you want? Residential, commercial, etc
  • What areas do you want your leads from? National, state/province, city, town, etc
  • What is the target goals for a successful campaign?

We also research the competition to see what they are doing when it comes to Facebook ads.

  • Are your competitors using video vs images?
  • Are your competitors using a specific angle to generate their leads?
  • Why should customers contact you over the competitors?

Our research phase only takes 1-2 days, as we are specialists in the solar industry. We already know what sells, we just blend that with your company’s unique messaging and we’re ready for the next step.

Phase 2 - Ad Campaign Set Up

Next, we set up your campaigns. This process is completed within just days of signing up as a client.

Our process is tried and tested to generate results consistently and faster than any other agency.

Your messaging, your ads images and text, your audience, etc are all set up and ready to go live within a few days.

Phase 3 - Create Landing Pages For Your Ads

Getting leads from Facebook solar ads is just the first step – we want them to contact your business on auto-pilot.

That means setting up solar landing pages for your ads that convert. 

Since we’ve designed solar websites for many companies, we create a quality landing page that answers common questions you get 

That way, we pre-qualify your solar leads before they even contact you. 

Since you will get plenty of leads, this helps you save time and only follow up with the serious people that want solar.

Phase 4 - Easily Manage Your Leads With a Free Solar CRM

How do you manage all these potential customers once they contact you?

We set up a basic Client Relationship Management system, or CRM. That way, you have a simple dashboard to manage all your leads.

This also helps us make sure your leads are quality. 

By investing with us, we ensure you’re getting the best solar Facebook ads on the market. Our services go deeper than just turning on the ads.

Phase 5 - Continually Optimizing Lead Quality

As the campaign goes on, we’re constantly testing to ensure your Facebook ad budget is being spent efficiently.

We tweak your ads, landing pages and everything in between to ensure your budget is working for you.

We rarely have lead quality problems, but we keep ahead of any issues by being active with your solar ad campaign.

Common Facebook Solar Ads Questions - FAQs

We speak to solar companies every day that have the same questions. So here are the most common questions when it comes to running solar ads on Facebook.

Yes, everything we create for you is yours for good. Many Solar ad companies will keep what they create for you. 

You own all the rights to ad text, images, landing page designs, etc.

We’ve seen leads flow in 2-3 days. But on average, 1-2 weeks will set you up with consistent leads for your solar company.

We aim to consistently improve your ad spend efficiency over time, so the longer you spend with us, the better your ads become.

Many solar ad agencies will set and forget Facebook ads. Over time, as more people view your advertisement over and over again, less people are interested.

This is called “ad fatigue” and it’s a real issue. That’s why several ad creatives are ready to swap out when the running ads dip below our efficiency minimum guidelines.

Well, it depends on how many leads per month you need. We recommend starting with at least $1,000/per month of budget.

At an average of $25 per lead, that’s roughly 40 leads per month. If you need more, use that average to estimate your required ad spend.

Keep in mind that more competitive areas will need to increase this budget to have consistency with lead flow.

It depends on how aggressive you want to be. Do you want 1 lead a day or 10?

Our complete and premium packages start at $2,000 per month.

We aim for under $1000 per booked job, but this depends on your target location. For example, Los Angeles in California will cost more than a smaller city. 

Get Help with Solar Facebook Ads for Lead Generation

Are you ready to speak to a solar Facebook ad specialist? We’re only happy when you’re happy!

That means pre-qualified, consistent and exclusive solar leads for your business.

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Need Qualified and Consistent Solar Leads?

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