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We are the SEO agency of choice for solar contractors wanting to generate more leads and revenue.
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Easy Mode Media SEO Services was amazing! Informative, knowledgeable, friendly.
Roxann Raphael
Roxann Raphael
EMM did a full audit of our website. The job was completed quickly and the resulting report was extremely detailed and complete. What's more they were highly communicative throughout the process and went the extra mile to make sure we had what we needed to move forward. Thanks! Highly recommended
Ian Alexander
Ian Alexander
Ben is reliable and knowledgeable. Great SEO suggestions to work on and iI really appreciate the video tutorial and analysis. Would highly recommend his service.
Mountain Medical
Mountain Medical
Highly recommend Ben for all things SEO. He's a real pro and goes out of the way for his clients. 5 Stars all the way.
Very quality of work. Highly recommended for those who need technical analysis of their website. The video that provided is super useful too.
wong jing jie
wong jing jie
Ben, was very professional and very helpful with any question's I had about SEO. He was easy to contact, will use again in the future.
Mick A
Mick A
Excellent service! Highly recommended for SEO!
Urszula Rufo
Urszula Rufo
I used Easy Mode Media's services to have the errors fixed on my GSC and do a full audit. Ben's communication was amazing throughout the process and he was patient in answering all my questions. Rather than rush to finish the project, Ben asked important questions before proceeding to fix the problem, which I liked. Once complete, he provided a detailed report breaking down the problems, solution and his feedback. Thank you for everything and I appreciate your hard work.
Kadeem Bailey
Kadeem Bailey
No nonsense, excellent communicator and easygoing, working with Ben was a breeze. We would definitely consider working with him again in the future and recommend his services to others.
Sheilah Manalo
Sheilah Manalo

Who We Are

Solar SEO has a new leader. Easy Mode Media is a dedicated SEO agency that works exclusively for the solar industry. Our strategies are developed only for solar contractors to expand their reach and grow their revenue.

Why? Because Easy Mode Media is grounded in electrical and solar expertise. With more than a decade of experience in the electrical and solar industry, Ben McLaughlan is the founder of one of Canada’s best solar-dedicated SEO companies. He’s a registered electrician with an in-depth knowledge of solar power systems.

No other SEO company has our level of skill and insight – they may understand SEO, but they don’t understand you. We only work in solar SEO – that’s all we do. 

Ben knows what your customers want and how to grab their attention. When we mastermind your SEO strategy, you’ll shine.

Book your call to see how we can help you generate consistent and targeted leads.

Our Process Is Designed
For Solar Contractors

You’ve got enough to handle running your business. That’s why we keep our SEO process as simple as possible.

Unlike other SEO companies, we know exactly what Google wants when it comes to solar contractors. Since it’s all we do, we’ve optimized our strategies for your business.

No contracts, no hidden BS. Just premium SEO for solar companies.

Why Trust Us?

We get results. On average our solar clients see…

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Meet Ben McLaughlan

Ben is the owner, founder, and mastermind behind Easy Mode Media. That’s me! While I’ve been helping contractors develop their SEO strategy for several years, once upon a time, I was a registered electrician. For over a decade, I worked on electrical systems, including detailed experience with solar power.

After transitioning into the world of SEO, I wondered how I could utilize my past experience. Like 30,000 volts, it struck me! I should help solar contractors and companies get ranked in Google – helping them and the planet in the process.

Fed up with SEO companies who don’t speak their jargon, many of my clients consider me their “ray of sunshine.” I’m the bridge between the world of SEO and you.

You want to get ranked in Google. You want to reach clients and companies currently beyond your grasp. You want to build brand awareness, increasing customers’ time on your site. I can help with all that and more.

Why Choose Easy Mode Media?

Earn more Revenue

Our proven process is built around solar contractors. You’ll beat the competition in Google search and generate more revenue.

Solar SEO by an Electrician

The founder of Easy Mode Media is a qualified electrician in 2 countries and has hands on experience quoting and installing solar PV systems. Where else will you find that expertise?

We are specialists in Solar SEO

It’s all we do and we’re great at what we do. That means you’ll get an ROI sooner than with a generalist agency.

Improve Your Conversion Rate

Not only do we bring you in the leads, we include a free website in our process at no extra cost. Our website software, called Contractor Convert, is tested to ensure a high conversion rate for your website.

You Will Hear From Us

We pride ourselves on not being like the other agencies. We’re not going to ghost you once you pay. You will know exactly what has been done and what is coming up for the campaign.

High-Quality Services

Every part of our service, from strategy to reporting is high-quality. There are no shortcuts and no BS, we do the work right the first time so you get more leads.

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With Easy Mode Media, Your Results Are Our Priority – That's a Promise

Easy Mode Media is about quality over quantity. We don’t work broad; we work deep. When we partner with clients to deliver our quality solar SEO services, we commit. 

That means you’ll always know what is going on with your website – asking questions, getting results, and growing your business. We make three unbreakable promises to every client:

We Keep Our Promises

We never promise something we can’t deliver. Never doubt our dedication to getting you a positive return on investment (ROI). We deliver because we believe in what you do – and we know we can achieve what we promise.

We're Industry Experts

You need an SEO company that speaks your language – literally. We’re fluent in everything solar. So don’t shy away from industry jargon. We’ll translate that into the strategy and content that converts your customers into revenue.

We Report On What Matters

When you work in the solar industry, you don’t leave clients in the dark. Hiring a contractor only to have them not talk to you is a terrible thing. Empty promises and lackluster communication are a nightmare. You won’t get that with us.

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