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Let’s be real; most solar content marketing strategies suck. The content is bland, it doesn’t generate trust and it doesn’t book solar jobs for companies.

Whether your solar website is new and just starting out or need to revamp your solar content, this article will give you all the information you need to ensure your strategy is on point.

Why Weak Solar Content Marketing Strategies Won’t Work

First of all – why do so many solar content marketing campaigns fail? Here’s a story we see all the time:

In a meeting recently, I spoke to a solar company owner out of Texas who was convinced content is a waste of time for a solar company.

He went on to explain he hired a “Solar SEO Agency” out of India. 

They created content with spelling mistakes and broken english that was written by AI without any knowledge of the solar industry.

No s*** that solar content marketing strategy was a waste of time. He went cheap and listened to a salesperson who had no idea about the solar industry and just didn’t care about results.

Content marketing for a solar company isn’t new. All your competitors are doing it, which makes it competitive. So if you’re coming at this with a half-baked strategy, stop wasting your time and money.

That being said, if you think content marketing for a solar company doesn’t work, you’re doing it wrong. Simple as that.

Always Write For People, NOT GOOGLE!

We’ve all seen website content that doesn’t care about the user, but rather wants to please Google. 

This leads to boring and over-optimized solar content. It sounds clunky and puts the reader to sleep.

The main point here is to write content that is helpful to your audience. That is your number one priority and if you get this one wrong, you’re fighting a losing battle.

Detailed Guide To Solar Content Marketing Strategies

Solar Content Needs To Be Helpful

Google has recently been pushing the “helpful content” line. That means if your content doesn’t help a reader, Google doesn’t care about it.

So, what do we mean when we say “helpful solar content”? Answer whatever question a user has.

All your solar content needs to have a strategy behind it. Always be asking these two questions:

  1. What question is this article answering?
  2. What information is someone looking for when reading this article?

As a bonus question, you can also ask:

  1. What are the next questions someone will have after they finish this article?

Then go the extra mile and answer those next questions in detail as well.

If content doesn’t help someone learn more or nudge them closer to contacting you for a free quote/estimate – stop wasting your time.

Solar Content and Marketing Work Together

If your content isn’t good, your marketing strategy is going to struggle. 

If your content doesn’t educate and generate trust with a reader, your marketing strategy will struggle.

With all of our Solar SEO Strategies, content is one of the first things we look at. It’s critical you get it right.

If you’re creating landing pages for Google Ads or Facebook Ads, your content needs to sell a customer or your ROI won’t be there.

Understand The Intent Within Solar Articles

What is “content intent” for the solar industry?

Well, there are 4 different “solar content intent” an article can have. They are:

  • Informational. People want to be educated on a topic. “Solar energy basics”
  • Commercial. People are looking to buy and are researching options. “solar company near me”.
  • Navigational. People know what website they want to visit. “Solar ABC website”.
  • Transactional. People are ready to buy right now and searching the site that sells what they want. “Amazon solar panel kit”.

For our purposes as a solar content marketing strategist, don’t bother creating content for the last 2 on that list. These 2 will happen over time once you get the first two on that list right.

Informational Solar Content

Educate people about solar energy. Here’s just a tiny handful of solar content ideas we use all the time:

  • What are the basics of solar
  • What are the benefits of solar panels
  • How much will they save with solar panels
  • What are the current solar rebates in your service area
  • Solar energy savings calculator
  • How long do solar panels last
  • Does hail damage panels

That list could literally be 100’s of solar blog content ideas. We’ve written informational content for solar companies all over the globe using our tried and tested content list.

You’re not looking to sell a customer with this content, you’re looking to educate them on why solar is so great and why they should really consider installing solar.

Commercial Solar Content Marketing

Alright, so you’ve educated a user on why they need solar. Now it’s time to sell your company.

These pages will drive the majority of leads for your company. 

Here are a few examples of solar content for commercial pages:

  • Residential solar panels in Sydney
  • Commercial solar panel services
  • Solar panel installations in Fresno, CA
  • A past project solar installation in San Diego

We’re not trying to educate people on what solar is or why it’s amazing, we’re generating trust in our company. 

Ask yourself (and be honest) these questions:

  • Why should someone choose my company over the competition?
  • What makes me different from every other competitor out there?
  • How can I show my company can be trusted?

People make their minds up about a company FAST. You have between 3-5 seconds to make or break that relationship with a customer.

First Impressions Count

If people don’t trust your solar company, they won’t contact you. They will contact your competitors and you’ll lose that job.

It’s as simple as that.

  • Do you have good reviews? Put them front and centre to generate trust.
  • Do you have a great past project page with a lovely testimonial? Highlight that.
  • Do you do something special for every installation? Donate money, plant trees, run a marathon? Make sure people know it.

Don’t overthink it; keep it simple. What makes you trust a company you’re looking to buy from? There’s your answer.

Solar Stock Photos Suck

Stock photos suck. I’ve never seen a stock image and thought: “I really trust that company”. 

Solar stock imagery doesn’t work as well as photos of your uniformed crew or sign-written trucks.

Spend some money and get a photographer to come snap some images of you, your truck, your team, etc. 

Every month, take a camera out to on-going or completed jobs and take a few images yourself. 

Make sure they are in focus with good lighting.

Solar content isn’t just about the words on your page – it’s about the images and video as well.

Don’t Write Solar Fluff!

You know what doesn’t sell? Boring solar content that’s written just to have words on your page.

Don’t write just to write words, have a strategy behind every piece of content, every sentence. 

You’re looking to educate a reader and nudge them to contact you for solar installations. Everything else takes a backseat.

Can You Still Win With Solar Content Marketing?

Yes, you can still win. But every year, the solar industry becomes more competitive and saturated.

That means your content needs to do the heavy lifting.

You might know your job, but selling solar through website content is different. You need to know people’s questions at each stage of the buying cycle.

Save your time and get the solar content marketing specialists to help. We speak your language and already know what content sells solar jobs.

Book in a call to speak with a qualified electrician, turned solar content specialist today.

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