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How To Measure Solar SEO Results

“How can you prove your Solar SEO Results actually work?” That’s a question we hear all the time.

And it’s a great question. How can we prove our solar SEO results are legit?

With our Solar Conversion Tracking Software. We don’t just track rankings and traffic, we track your exclusive solar leads.

What is this Solar Conversion Tracking Software?

99.9% of SEO agencies ONLY track rankings and traffic. Those reports are BS. How does that help you understand the leads your company generates? It doesn’t.

Most solar companies have no clue how their solar leads are coming through. No clue what parts of their site generate leads or how people found them.

Our Solar Conversion Tracking Software shows you exactly that, and more.

Throughout the years of being a specialized Solar SEO Agency, we developed our own tracking software.

We can show how your campaign is performing better than any other agency.

What Do Other Solar SEO Agency Reports Look Like?

If you’ve ever talked with an SEO agency about a solar campaign, I bet they said something along the lines of:

  • We will rank you #1 on Google
  • We will generate your website more traffic

Or how about the classic: “We will generate you solar leads from Google” but they conveniently leave out the fact that they won’t track a thing when it comes to leads generated.

There’s no call tracking in place, and there’s no form submission in place. They have no clue how well their SEO services for a solar company generate leads.

They don’t care, they want your money for as long as they can and replace you once you cancel out of their trash SEO campaign.

Watch HOW We Track and Report on Exclusive Solar Leads

Sick of Empty Promises With Agencies?

If you’re tired of jumping on a sales call with an SEO agency, hearing the same old story of empty promises, ask them one simple question.

“How can you prove your SEO generates solar leads for us?”

Don’t settle for BS rankings or traffic, or any other marketing jargon. Push for detailed reports on how many generated leads were received.

If they can’t prove it to you, book a call with me and I’ll show you exactly how past clients see their solar lead generation in real time.

How Can You Prove Your Solar SEO Strategy Works?

We have developed proprietary software that shows how your website generates solar leads fro our work.

No other agency will go this deep, but we love being different and going the extra step for our clients.

Our Solar Conversion Software shows you:

  • What pages on your website generates leads
  • How each lead found your website
  • An estimate of how much revenue our services generated for your company

This real-time Solar Conversion Software is included in our SEO services. 

There are no hidden fees for accessing your data.

How Do You Track Solar Conversions?

We installed our Solar Software for tracking conversions to set us apart from other agency reports.

This allows us to collect another level of reliable data than other agencies. 

There are 2 ways we collect this information.

Solar Call Tracking Software

We install tracking code on your phone numbers across your website. 

Whenever someone calls through your website, our software automatically tracks information, such as what page of your website called you from and how they found your website to begin with.

Solar Lead Form Submissions Tracking

Whenever someone fills out a form to request a solar estimate/quote, our solar tracking software is there as well.

We can record the same information, as well as the message sent itself to help qualify the lead better.

Without reliable lead data, marketing agencies don’t have a clue what is working and what’s a waste of time (and your money).

Get a deeper understanding of how your solar marketing is performing.

Ready to Speak With a Solar Agency That Loves Revenue Reporting?

Sick and tired of not knowing how your solar marketing is performing?

Stop working with people that don’t care about going the extra mile when it comes to reporting.

Our Solar Conversion Software is included in all SEO campaigns. 

Book in a call today to speak with a solar marketing specialist who cares about generating you real and exclusive leads.

We’re ready to show you a quality report regarding solar marketing.

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