Solar SEO Case Study: Regis Electric

Exclusive Solar Leads in Hawaii

Generating Exclusive Solar Leads in Hawaii: Regis Electric

Regis Electric is a solar contractor based in Kailua Kona, on Hawaii’s Big Island.

Since 2010, Regis Electric has been committed to installing reliable solar systems with transparent sales.

Although covering the Big Island, Regis Electric wanted to tap into the solar market on O’ahu Island.

Regis Electric Challenges

Regis Electric was facing tough competition in the solar industry in Hawaii, making it challenging for them to generate local Big Island solar leads. 

They needed a strategy to increase their visibility, attract targeted traffic, and generate more leads to expand their business.

1. Website Design

Regis Electric’s website wasn’t optimized for converting traffic to qualified leads.

Overall, the website design had few ways for a person to contact Regis Electric and was outdated with stock imagery.

2. SEO Strategy

The content that existed on Regis Electric was minimal and didn’t generate trust with any visitors. 

Easy Mode Media installed our tested SEO Solar Strategy.

3. Conversion Tracking

Website conversion tracking was non-existent, so we had no data on where any leads came from.

How did Easy Mode Media generate consistent solar leads in Hawaii for Regis Electric?

What Results Did Regis Electric See From Working With Easy Mode Media?

We track conversions meticulously and with that data, over a 10 month SEO campaign, the estimated revenue generated from SEO skyrocketed from $63,000 to $462,00 – a 733% increase.

Here are the real screenshots from our Solar Conversion Tracking Software.



1. Web Design

Using our Solar Design Software we improved website conversions by 905%, from 1.8% to 16.2%.

This allowed our marketing efforts to bring in 9x as many leads within the first 4 months of the campaign.
Increased Website conversions
0 %
Lead Conversion
0 x

2. SEO Strategy

Our Systematic Solar Leads strategy brought in 139% more traffic from Google search results. This increased the average monthly leads Regis Electric received by 258%, from 12 to 31.
On top of this, Regis Electric was able to expand onto O’ahu Island and generate consistent leads in 2023, due to the targeted content focusing on the island.
Increased Traffic
0 %
Increased Monthly Revenue
0 %

3. Conversion Tracking

Of course, none of the above accomplishments would be known if there wasn’t reliable tracking incorporated into the campaign.

This is where our Solar Conversion Tracking system was used to generate the data on how the campaign was performing. This is included as part of our Systematic Solar Leads strategy.

What are the Solar Lead results for Regis Electric?

The SEO campaign for Regis Electric went on for 10 months and the results were:

Client Testimonial

I very much enjoyed working with Ben. He is smart, creative and has a lot of input into how we can consistently grow Regis Electric.

We received excellent care during our campaign and were provided with quick turn arounds on items that we deemed important. I was impressed also by his regular check-ins with a synopsis of the work that was being accomplished on our behalf.
David Crosby
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