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Cold Calling Solar Leads Nightmare – How Cheap Solar Leads Can Cost You

As a dedicated solar lead generation agency, I spend time in lots of solar related discussions.

One story that popped up recently was about a company owner who chose a cheap solar cold calling agency and ended up with a lawsuit on his hands.

Sounds like a nightmare to me, but many owners fall into this promise of “cheap solar leads” and cold calling solar leads isn’t always a good idea.

How Did Cold Calling Solar Leads End Up Costing This Business Owner More Money?

Here’s a screenshot from the chat, with private information redacted of course.

This owner decided to go into business with a cheap solar cold calling agency to generate cheap solar leads from an agency based out of Pakistan.

With no local or solar industry knowledge, it seemed this cold calling solar agency just spammed potential leads in the company’s service area, which is a specific state within the United States.

In some states, solar cold calling is dangerous because the Do Not Call List (DNC or DNCL) is a list homeowners can put their numbers on.

When this Pakastani solar call center called someone on this list, it led to a lawsuit that cost this owner $6,000 and damage to their brand.

The promise of $75-$100 per appointment was too good to be true.

Is Cheap Solar Cold Calling a Threat to Your Business?

Are you currently leads with generic cold calling solar scripts? Do you have a process in place to stop your team from contacting those on the Do Not Call list?

If you’re employing the strategy of cold calling for solar companies, I sure hope you do have a process in place not to call those on the DNC list. 

If you don’t, those cheap solar leads will quickly become the most expensive solar leads you’ve ever generated.

Does Cold Calling For Solar Work?

We’re not saying cold calling for solar companies doesn’t work, but if you hire cheap, you get cheap. And sometimes you get burned.

So when you’re looking for a cold calling solar agency and hear promises, make sure they know what they are doing.

Because these problems are still on you as the business owner. Make sure you work with those who know what they are doing.

Alternative to Cold Calling Solar Leads

If you need solar leads on a budget, without the headache of potential lawsuits, we have your answer.

Why not look into running solar ads on Facebook? We can help you get solar leads on a budget that won’t get you fined $6,000.

Our ad results often see a Cost Per Solar Lead around the $5-10 mark. These are people interacting with your ads and in doing so, opt-in to being contacted.

Book in a call today to get away from solar cold calling scripts that put your company in hot water.

We’re ready to help!

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