Looking for a WordPress SEO specialist? You’re in the right place.

Easy Mode Media helps website owners take control of their SEO and excel in search results directly in WordPress. We take the best practices of search engine optimization and relate that directly to WordPress. 

From on-going website maintenance to on-page SEO optimization, image and website optimization, and plenty more. Whatever needs to be done to improve your WordPress website, Easy Mode Media can help with.

What does optimization WordPress mean?

Optimizing a WordPress website for SEO can mean many different things, depending on the website setup, niche and strategies in place.

It takes a WordPress specialist to understand what needs to happen to help a site grow and provide great user experiences.

For example, Local SEO is crucial for a brick and mortar store or a local service-based business, but isn’t a good idea for most eCommerce websites. Make sure the search engine optimization stratergies are put in place by an expert.

Some common tactics used to improve a WordPress website are:

Installing a cache plugin

Temporarily stores website data and relevant resources to speed up the loading of a website for returning users.

Optimizing javascript and CSS files

By minification and reducing both javascript and CSS files, your website will load much faster, This also helps with unused and render blocking resources.

Installing image compression

Images are often the Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) in any Web Core Vitals test – improve your score by compressing images.

Installing a Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Serve your content from servers that are close to your target audience locations. This helps speed your site for readers in multiple locations and even a global audience.

Optimization of website pages

Optimizing a web page can mean a wide range of things. From keyword research, heading tags and meta descriptions optimized, schema mark up and so much more to be aware of.

Improving website speed

Website speed is crucial to user experience, organic rankings and conversion rates. Improving site speed can be a challenge and you need someone who knows what they are doing.

Adding tracking code to track user engagement and record visits

Understanding the people that visit your business website is important to making decisions. The content you create, design of each page and several other considerations.

Off-page optimizations

Backlinks, citations, reviews are important for different types of websites. For the best results, knowing what moves the needle for your specific website and business.

How we can help with your WordPress website

So what does Easy Mode Media offer in the way of SEO optimization on WordPress? Anything that will help your site rank better on search engines, but here are a few common requests we have from clients.

Technical SEO fixes

From manual penalties to broken links, we cover technical issues within your site. Some issues require a deep understanding of the platform and that is what you get with Easy Mode Media.

Setting up and configuring 

Installing and getting WordPress up and running to begin with can be a challenge. If you’re looking to get started building your site right away, we can help.

Installing and optimizing plugins, themes and WordPress itself

One of the downsides to WordPress is the number of options you have. The combination of themes and plugins to choose from is limitless. We help to put together the best choices available for your website to have strong SEO from the start.

Troubleshooting website issues

Having issues with your site? Let Easy Mode Media identify and fix a wide range of website issues. From broken images, conflicts throughout a website or anything else that is negatively affecting the function of your business website.

Setting up visitor tracking, such as Google Analytics and heatmaps

Tracking visitors is crucial to understanding your audience, demographics and issues with your website. It’s a common problem to find that analytics and tracking is set up incorrectly.

WordPress website maintenance 

Website maintenance is important to keep a site healthy and secure. Keeping a website up to date can be time-consuming and often causes conflicts. From plugins to themes, we keep your site operating smoothly.

Schema markup

Adding schema markup to your WordPress posts and pages is often an underestimated factor for improving SEO and organic rankings. Help Google understand your content better and you might see better rankings.

Optimization on-page content for SEO is important to get right. Not enough keywords and Google might not understand what the content is about, too much and you could be keyword stuffing your content.

Off-page optimization

This relates to backlinks, citations and mentions of your website online. Understanding the relationship these mentions have with organic rankings is important to improve rankings while not receiving a manual action penalty.

Being relevant when it comes to SEO is one of the biggest problems websites face when it comes to improving organic rankings. We can help you navigate this common downfall.

Creating sitemaps, robots.txt files and more

While these two documents won’t directly help your website rank better, they provide helpful functions for SEO. From blocking content from Google to indexing new and edited pages faster, your SEO will improve indirectly.

We offer a wide range of comprehensive and customizable packages to suit each job and website. The best way to find what is right for you is to contact Easy Mode Media and we can have a chat about the best way forward.

Why choose WordPress in the first place?

According to Kinsta, an estimated 40% of websites are powered by WordPress. There are plenty of good reasons for this.

One of those reasons is superior SEO than other Content Management Systems (CMS).

Contact Easy Mode Media today to find out how we can help your organic visibility grow.

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