Looking towards search engines to increase traffic and conversions? You need a solid SEO strategy in place to make that happen.

With plenty of SEO services out there, why choose a generalist? You need to invest in a specialist to get the results you need.

Easy Mode Media has worked with travel entrepreneurs and tourism industry companies to provide Return On Investment (ROI) as soon as possible.

What does SEO for the travel industry mean?

Technical Improvements

SEO begins with having a healthy and strong website. It is the foundation that other aspects build upon. 

Our comprehensive technical audit will uncover issues and the expertise will give the right path forward.

keyword Research

Understanding what a user is searching for is crucial to domination travel industry SEO.

We look into the terms travelers are searching for and what they expect to find when they click through.

On-page optimization

On-page optimization is an ongoing part of SEO. After all, conversion is the goal of any marketing strategy.

With various tools, we analyze where friction is on a landing page and look to improve the user experience. 

off-page Optimization

Building Expertise, Authority and Trust (EAT) is crucial to succeeding in SEO today.

We use proven white hat tactics to improve the authority. We pursue the links that will get you more clients. 

Content Creation

Content is king. By creating solid content, we attract the right audience at the right time.

Our travel industry professional content team will get your site ranking for targeted keywords.

Local SEO

Often overlooked as an important part of the SEO campaign. Getting in front of local searchers is crucial.

We create, optimize and manage listings such as Google My Business to get you ranking in the local pack.

What does a typical tourism SEO campaign look like?

The specifics of the campaign will vary. After all, no two travel websites are the same – your SEO strategy should reflect that.

You can have a free consultation for an overview of how your campaign would look, no pressure to buy. We aren’t here to sell you, we’re here to help you.

Here is a typical 6-month campaign, though most clients sty on longer once they see the results and return on investment they are getting through SEO.


Month #1 - Auditing the website

No two websites are the same and the SEO campaign needs to reflect that. A cookie-cutter approach won’t get the best results – so we take the time to learn the website.

Month #2 - Optimizing the website

Attracting your target audience won’t happen if you’re not putting relevant content out there those people want. We optimize for what they are looking for. 

Month #3 - Building Authority

Once the site is healthy and content is ready, it’s time to build authority and trust with Google. Once this begins,  we continue this process to build steadily.

Month #4 - Track, Analyze and Adjust

With the data collected from the changes we optimize the strategy moving forward. From here we look to continue to improve the ROI as we move forward.

Month #5 to 6+ - On-going optimizations and authority building

From here the website should be improving rankings, traffic and conversions but maintaining success is a constant battle. Now we understand what brought initial success we can replicate this to become the dominate authority in your travel niche. Building authority, producing engaging content and continual analysis from optimizations will continue to cement your position at the top of Google.

Looking for results?

We focus on what grows your travel business. More traffic is great, but we’re focused on conversions. 

Have a look at the recent return on investment from past and current clients of our tourism SEO services.

3-month travel SEO Campaign - 433% ROI
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