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Running a business out of Fort McMurray and need more business from Google? How does consistently getting 2x the calls every month sound? That is very achievable for many businesses by implementing a solid SEO strategy.

SEO in Fort McMurray is a key component in any marketing strategy for your local business. Why? It has one of the highest and consistent Return On Investments (ROI) of any strategy out there.

Interested in how your business can take advantage? Keep reading and contact us with any follow-up questions.

Is SEO right for my business?

If you want your business to be found by people searching on Google, you likely want to invest in some level of SEO. Even if you learn and implement the basics yourself, you can see a significant ROI for your time and effort.

While SEO is great for most businesses, it’s always the best strategy to implement right away for every single company. It’s a long-term strategy that may take 6-12 months to see strong and consistent results.

We give honest assessments of your business to ensure SEO is the right path for your business, so make sure to contact us with any questions you have.

Why invest in an SEO expert when it comes to search results

By hiring an agency that specializes in SEO, like Easy Mode Media, you get stronger results much faster. A complete SEO strategy is very time-consuming, especially if you’re learning the basics while implementing.

On top of that, without knowing the current state of ranking factors in SEO, mistakes are easy to make and can lead to your business website being blacklisted by Google. These manual action penalties will remove you from any organic search results and can be very costly to reverse.

We focus on what matters to you and your business most – results and revenue. If you’re investing in your business, you want a Return On Investment. With SEO that’s conversions and that’s what we focus on.

Local audits for Fort McMurray

For some small businesses, Local SEO is all that is needed. Each SEO strategy we create is tailored to your business. Whether that is a full SEO campaign or just a localized strategy, we have a plan to get you to the top of Google and beat out your competition.

If your business would be best served to dominate the local search results, think the 3-pack and map results, then that is what Local SEO focuses on.

A local SEO audit looks at how we can do things better than the competition, which leads to ranking #1.

Ask about how we specialize in Local SEO for Fort McMurray in Alberta today.

Why is SEO crucial to your local business in Northern Alberta?

If your business would benefit from ranking #1 on Google, chances are SEO is going to be a crucial, long-term strategy that you need to keep up to date with.

Chances are your competition is already implementing some sort of SEO campaign. So the longer you wait, the harder it is to catch up.

Work with a local specialist to get the results you deserve. Starting today will help your business get to where it deserves to be faster.

Why Easy Mode Media?

There are so many agencies and freelancers offering SEO out there, why choose Easy Mode Media?

To start with, we encourage you to shop around. We’re confident our services rival any company out there in price and results.

We’re honest, upfront and transparent in what we do behind the scenes and what it takes to get you to where you want to be. We aren’t that company that takes your money and goes quiet – we have, at minimum, monthly meetings to talk about work done, what is coming up and results we’ve seen so far.

Want to have a free strategy session? Just click the image below and book a time. We’re happy to see how we can help!

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More Frequently Asked Questions

What does SEO do for my business?

Rank higher on Google search, get more traffic to a website, more calls, and emails that lead to more customers for your business. At Easy Mode Media, we focus on what matters to businesses – turning people into paying customers.

How can you help my business grow?

By implementing strong SEO signals that Google wants to see. Building trust and authority with both the search engine giant and your target audience is key to dominating search results. We focus on getting a positive Return On Investment as quickly as possible.

What SEO tools do you use?

We use a wide range of SEO tools for every campaign – such as SEMrush, Ahrefs, Bright Spark and many others depending on the task needed to be completed.

What are backlinks and do they really help?

Backlinks are links from other websites that refer a user to your website. Building real authority links is key to ranking in competitive niches, but can also cause a penalty from Google and lead to your website being blacklisted.

How long will it take to see Return On Investment?

It depends on how competitive your industry and target market is. High authority competitors will make the website take longer to rank on the first page consistently. Getting to the top positions in Google search is a long-term strategy. We advise planning for a 12-month campaign to give the strongest results.

Do I need content to rank well in SEO?

If you’re looking to rank in a highly competitive industry, great content is going to greatly speed up the process of ranking better and gaining consistent traffic and customers from search.

What are the areas of SEO a typical campaign covers?

A typical SEO campaign can include, but is not limited to:
Technical SEO
On-Page Optimization
Off-Page SEO
Analytics Auditing
Keyword Research
Competitor Research
Backlink Outreach
Ongoing Optimization of the SEO Strategy

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