SEO for dentists

What is the dental SEO process?

The SEO for dentists process needs to be comprehensive – this means it covers every aspect of the Google algorithm to take advantage of opportunities most miss out on.

When you choose Easy Mode Media for your professional dental SEO services, you get specialists that understand your industry and follow a proven formula to get your dental clinics more leads from Google.

A complete dental SEO audit

An audit for a dental clinic will look at technical issues, on-page opportunities, keywords and competitors as well as any local SEO signals.

We then focus on what your competitors have done well and do it better than them. Chances are they are spending money on SEO optimization services as well, so we take that research and improve on it in several aspects by researching ideas to improve your online visibility further.

The main focus is to prove to Google how you provide the best dental services possible. In the dental space, demonstrating authority is crucial at getting more leads from search results. We know all the tricks to show this trust and expertise to Google.

Why is dental SEO important?

Type in this search query into Google:

“dentist *enter your location*” and press enter. If you don’t show up within the first 3 results, you’re giving business to your competitors.

Around 55-60% of all clicks go to the first three results in Google search results. If you want your business to grow through organic search results (Google), you need to appear here. It’s as simple as that. Higher rankings = more visibility = more leads.

Searching for dental clinics through Google is the most common way your customers find offices, by not showing up there, you’re missing out on consistent revenue. 

A professional dental SEO campaign can help you dominate search results over your competitors.

How can dentists take advantage of SEO services?

Dentists improve their SEO by following the best practices of Google. Basically, that means you want to give Google what they want to see from the best dentists in a specific area.

Your dental office needs to demonstrate authority while providing helpful and valuable content to your potential clients, as well as providing the best user experience possible.

You can perform SEO on your own website, but your results will take longer and be less effective than a specialist that focuses on search engine optimization for dentists.

What is dental SEO Marketing?

Dental SEO marketing boils down to producing the content that helps a reader take the next step and book an appointment with your office.

Optimization of your website and online presence will help Google understand your business better and rank it for the important keywords that drive business.

Why should dentist clinics invest SEO?

To show up in search results for the competitive industry of dental practices, optimization of your site and online presence is key to outperforming your competitors.

Your local competition is likely spending money on marketing and SEO is the 2nd best return on investment (ROI) for dental offices (only second to email marketing). 

To outperform the competition in search, your website needs to show your practice is the best choice in the area you’re servicing.

Google needs to believe you’re the go-to office and SEO helps speed that process up significantly.

Dentist chair and clinic

How much do professional dental SEO services cost?

We provide a range of services, depending on your budget. 

For a dentist Local SEO campaign, this begins at $1,000, per month. This optimizes your website for basic local search results.

Depending on your competition, we may need a more aggressive campaign, but to give you the best options possible, we want to learn about your specific business.

Why choose our dental SEO services?

We focus on revenue and getting a positive return on investment back ASAP. This means no fluff in our reports.

We have several clients already making more money from our services through an estimated 52% increased inquiries, over a 12-month period.

Monthly reports with transparency and honesty. You’ll never be sold on something that isn’t right for your specific dental business.

While we suggest a campaign of 12 months to see consistent and sustained results, there are no lock-in contracts, you’re free to discontinue services whenever you see fit.

You will know what is going behind the scenes through monthly meetings and an easy-to-reach SEO team.

We do provide dentists with a free SEO audit, but we do things differently. We go over the audit on a 1-1 consultation call to explain the issues and opportunities in detail.

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