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How ECOfootprint Limited Generates 300% More Solar Panel Leads in the UK From Google

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Over the course of a 10 month SEO campaign, we helped ECOfootprint Limited generate exclusive solar leads consistently.

With a new website and a complete SEO strategy, our solar conversion tracking data showed 300% more solar PV leads and a 377% increase in revenue from Google.

The Client and the Problem

ECOfootprint Limited is a solar company out of Northern England, UK and found Easy Mode Media in early 2023. 

Your company’s website is your most important digital asset, and ECOfootprint’s site was outdated with minimal information on it. This leads to a lack of trust from their potential customers, and Google is the go-to solar expert in their area.

After working with Easy Mode Media, we’ve recorded 3x the lead volume from SEO from potential customers and a better-converting website that consistently generates more revenue.

So how did a specialized solar SEO strategy help ECOfootprint Limited grow consistently throughout 2023?

Challenge #1 - A Dated and Limited Website

First of all, ECOfootprint Limited’s website needed a facelift. 

There was little to no trust being developed, with no reviews or testimonials easily accessible and a lack of information about what services they provide.

Even though they are a trusted solar company, their website didn’t reflect this level of professionalism.

Easy Mode Media’s first step was to revamp the website design, images and content.

How was this solved?

By installing our Solar Website Design Software that’s specifically designed for solar companies, we were able to instantly improve the website conversion rate.

If lots of people visit your website, but don’t contact you, then your website is failing your business. Website conversion rate is a difficult thing to measure, but we have the data down to a science.

ECOfootprint’s website conversion rate increased from 5.3% to 10.25% almost overnight. 

That means for every 100 people that visit this website, the number of solar PV leads increased from 5.3 to 10.2 enquiries. That’s an increase of 92% in solar leads – just for signing up with Easy Mode Media (we offer all solar clients free website redesigns).

With the website redesign completed and tested, we could now be confident that sending users from organic search (or any other channel) would have a significant improvement in return on investment (ROI).

Challenge #2 - No Solar SEO Strategy

Generating solar leads in the UK is getting competitive. If your SEO strategy isn’t well thought out by someone who understands the industry, you’re going to struggle.

With minimal content and a very basic website, Google didn’t see ECOfootprint as an authoritative company in their service location.

There was no customer focused content that helped educate a user on renewable energy, and generated little (to no) trust with a reader. 

The content that existed on the website was not focused on taking a person from just a reader, to a paying customer. This is what we call “revenue focused SEO” and it’s something most solar companies get wrong.

With our data-rich approach, we were confident we could generate consistently booked solar jobs from free traffic from Google searches.

Exclusive and consistent solar leads in the UK? That’s what we do!

How was this solved?

SEO for UK solar companies begins with content. With the right content, you can:

  • Target the right customer at the right time
  • Help educate a potential customer and your community
  • Generate trust and become the go-to local expert
  • Pre-qualify your UK solar leads before you speak to them (Yes, only contact great leads).

We only work with the best solar companies, so our processes and insights into marketing solar companies are unmatched.

Our SEO strategy brings in 245% more traffic from Google search results, which generates roughly an extra 50-55 leads a month on auto-pilot.

This equals a 377% in revenue from Google. $300,000+ a month in revenue.

Our proprietary Solar Conversion Tracking Software shows an estimated 17.5x Return On Investment (ROI). For every $1 invested, they saw $17.50 in revenue back.

Where else do you get that ROI? The Solar Marketing Specialists – That’s where!

Challenge #3 - Not Tracking Marketing Efforts

A common problem solar companies face is ineffective conversion tracking. Where are your solar leads actually coming from?

Our Solar Conversion Software doesn’t just show you where your leads are coming from, it enables you to accurately measure the success of your marketing efforts.

With no clue what channels were bringing in leads to their website, Gridworks Energy had been operating in the dark. By guessing how to generate consistent jobs, they were wasting opportunity and their marketing budgets.

Do you know where your solar leads are coming from? It’s time to stop guessing and start tracking!

How was this solved?

We built our proprietary Solar Conversion Tracking Software for precisely this reason. Yes, we have developed our own lead-tracking process and software to track your marketing performance.

By accurately tracking calls and form submissions from the website, we can prove exactly what is (and isn’t working).

At Easy Mode Media, we don’t measure the success of SEO on rankings and traffic. We only succeed when we generate our client’s huge ROI and we can prove it with our tracking data.

With our propriety tracking software process, we can show you exactly where your UK solar leads are coming from.

Just look at the image below – 26 phone calls in a single day? 

What are the results for Gridworks Energy?

The SEO and website redesign strategy implemented by Easy Mode Media had the following results:

Client Testimonial

My company, Gridworks Energy, hired Ben at Easy Mode Media to take care of our SEO services, he has gone above and beyond to help us develop a website that is much more friendly and easier to use for us and our clients and for Google services.

Easy Mode Media has been crucial in landing several large jobs this year. We are incredibly happy with his services and work he has provided us. We recommend Ben and Easy Mode Media to anyone.
Randall Benson
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