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Use SEO to get your business noticed

Every single business can benefit from ranking high in search engines like Google. Funeral homes are no different. To achieve a high-ranking means optimizing your site for the search engine algorithm.

We can get your funeral home noticed in local searches for afterlife care using SEO audits, keywords, content creation, technical SEO optimization, and more.

Funeral home SEO must be handled with care and empathy. Rising up the ranks in Google is one matter; doing so in a way mindful of the clients who read your site and content is another. You need an experienced funeral home SEO company to manage your digital presence.

Otherwise, you risk losing clients to online competitors.

Contact us today for a free SEO audit for a home funeral business.

With experience and insider knowledge of everything from funeral home SEO audits to key SEO services, we’re dedicated to providing you with the best service available. If you’d like to speak to one of our experts, book a free consultation.

What are funeral home SEO services?

Funeral home SEO services are more than just having a blog. It’s about developing a comprehensive strategy and plan to improve your search engine ranking.

It’s neither as complex nor challenging as many funeral homes assume. With the right help, you can maximize your ranking and increase organic traffic to your website.

Keyword research

When we search on Google, we type in a search term. It’s these search terms that should form the basis of keywords. It could be search terms like:

  • your funeral home’s name,
  • term like ‘ funeral homes near me
  • a question, like ‘How much does a funeral cost?

Our funeral home SEO experts will ensure you rank for all relevant terms.

Content creation

Content creation is all about being an authority in your field. It’s about reflecting your customer’s voice on your site and developing trust. By providing a service, such as answering critical funeral questions, clients are more likely to choose your funeral home. You need a steady stream of relevant and optimized content to attract new clients. We’ll research and produce high-quality, informative content for your site and blog.  

Technical optimization

Increasing your site’s speed will increase the total pages each client views. The faster and easier it is to hop from one page to the next, the longer they’re likely to stay. Our team of funeral SEO experts are dedicated to keeping your site running smoothly and efficiently.

Backlink building

Search engines rank sites with links from other trusted web pages. Building backlinks from existing blogs and web pages to your site increases your ranking and provides another way for clients to find you. We’ll help you develop an extensive array of backlinks to boost your ranking.  

Why should a funeral home do SEO?

According to Google, 46% of Google searches have local intent. Your clients are searching locally for funeral care services. If you’re not ranking, your clients will select a competitor service, meaning you’re missing out on potential custom. That’s just one benefit. How else does developing a high-ranking site benefit your business:

Increased organic traffic

Higher rankings mean more customers see your site. When they search for funeral-related services in their local area, you’ll be one of the first funeral homes they visit. That means more clicks, more page views, and ultimately, more purchases. Organic traffic relates directly to business success.

Greater reputation

Not everyone who searches for funeral homes is looking for immediate services. Rather, they may be evaluating their options or even just curiously searching for an answer to a question.

By building an informative backlog of content, you can be the authority in your area. Building trust and business awareness boost your reputation, leading to more sales (and even word-of-mouth advertising).

Target your audience

Conventional radio and newspaper ads reach a broad audience. With funeral home SEO services, you can target your customer base with precision.

We help you select the right keywords – examining volume and competitiveness – to ensure your message reaches the right ears. So, cut out the middleman, and speak directly to your clients using our funeral home SEO company.

Components of a great SEO campaign for funeral homes

Getting started with funeral home SEO is the best business decision you can make. No online company can survive without it. But what makes a great SEO campaign?

  1. Meticulous keyword research. What are people searching for in your local area? We’ll find out and create content designed to target these keywords. When clients search for ‘funeral home in [your city name]’, you’ll be one of the first sites they see.
  2. Monitor site performance. SEO isn’t a one-time thing. We’ll monitor your site’s performance, ensuring everything loads correctly, and see how your rank is doing in Google (and other search engines).
  3. Link building. As your site becomes an authoritative funeral home service for your area, we’ll link up with other local businesses, like florists or grief counselors, building a network of backlinks.
  4. A steady stream of content. Our funeral home SEO experts know the kind of content your clients want to read. We’ll produce and upload regular blog posts and web pages on crucial topics like grief support or funeral costs.

Choose a dedicated funeral home SEO company

We’re ready to help your business achieve its potential. With care and empathy, we’ll improve your site ranking, attracting clients in need of your services.

We avoid hard sells and careless messaging, understanding the sensitive nature of the business. If you want more information about funeral home SEO services, don’t hesitate to contact us today! Our experienced team of experts can assist you with any SEO problems or difficulties you may be having.

We’re here to help.

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