Why Invest in an Edmonton SEO Expert

Why should you invest in an Edmonton SEO specialist?

Well, Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short, is a strategy you want to get right.

There are many outdated and risky techniques out there, known as “black hat SEO”. If Google becomes aware of these strategies to try and “game” the search engine results, all that visibility, organic search traffic and potential customers will disappear overnight.

No business wants their website to lose their rankings, traffic and ultimately their income.

That’s why investing in a local SEO expert for Edmonton businesses is so crucial.

You will set a solid foundation for your online presence that will only grow as time goes on.

Keep reading for more information on developing a solid SEO strategy for your local Edmonton business. 

You’ll find exactly why investing in Search Engine Optimization is crucial to the longevity of a website in 2021.

SEO Services For Edmonton

Whether you’re a local bar on Whyte Ave, a lawyer along Jasper Ave or a mobile-based Edmonton business, investing in SEO has one of the highest Return On Investments of all digital marketing strategies.

In 2021, just doing the basics and calling it a day won’t get first page rankings for most websites. The competition is only getting stronger and investing in SEO is becoming more crucial.

Each business is unique and the strategy for local Edmonton SEO needs to reflect that.

  • What are the goals of your business? 
  • What is holding your online reach back? 
  • Why is your business not converting as well as it should be? 
  • What unknown opportunities are waiting to be uncovered?

With Easy Mode Media, we will answer all these questions, and much more.

Your online business will get the attention it deserves and a specific SEO strategy will be developed so you get an advantage over your competitors.

How exactly will SEO help you get ahead of the competition? Book your free consultation to discuss how SEO can help your business grow.

Edmonton Local SEO Audit

A solid SEO audit is the beginning of any strategy. Uncovering problems and opportunities is the first step in improving your online rankings.

After all, you can’t fix something that isn’t broken and investing time and money into the wrong project can be lead to no results.

That’s why a comprehensive SEO audit for Edmonton businesses is so crucial. Without it, it’s like shooting at a target with your eyes closed and hoping for the best.

With the audit results, you’ll gain a clear perspective of what to focus on, what to improve on and how to provide a better experience for your customers – happy customers is vital to a successful business.

Comprehensive SEO audits can be done separately or part of an overall monthly plan.

Ongoing SEO Consultant in Edmonton

SEO is not something you can ever forget about.

Google are always tweaking their algorithms, customer search intent is always shifting and the competitive landscape is never staying still for long.

Once you’ve become the leading authority in your industry, keeping that status needs consistent monitoring and an evolving strategy.

If you’re not keeping up with the changes, your business will lose your search engine ranking advantage.

Easy Mode Media has a monthly plan designed to help your business stay on top and continually improve on SEO.

After the initial SEO audit, long term goals for you and your business is the focal point.

With regular communication, transparency and education Easy Mode Media will structure a specific SEO strategy for your Edmonton business.

Using industry standards and best practices, Easy Mode Media will provide a solid and actionable plan for your company to meet it’s long term goals.

You can rest easy knowing Easy Mode Media has your best interests in mind when creating these strategies.

We aren’t happy until you’re happy – contact your SEO consultant today.

Edmonton Local SEO Audit

Local SEO in Edmonton is an important way for customers to find the physical location of your business.

Why is Local SEO so important? These potential customers are likely looking to purchase right now. They are looking for a close, highly rated product or service. One that your business can provide.

If you don’t appear in the Local SEO search, you likely miss out on that sale. That’s bad for business.

Being such an important factor in a cusomters decision, Local SEO is only getting more and more competitve.

Is your Local SEO standing in Edmonton as good as it can be?

There are many factors in a solid strategy for Edmonton Local SEO.

With this Local SEO audit, Easy Mode Media will define your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, giving a clear path to follow to improve your Local SEO standing.

What Can You Expect From Easy Mode Media?

You can expect a professional services that relies on transparency and trust to ensure you get the most out of SEO. Easy Mode Media isn’t happy until you are.

Easy Mode Media uses “white hat” SEO techniques only. There will never be any shady tactics implemented. Google takes the industry best practises seriously, and so do we.

While SEO is a long-term investment, there are sometimes quick wins, or “low hanging fruit”. By identifying these and by aiming for those first, we will see sudden improvements in search visibility.

Do you have more questions about SEO in Edmonton and what Easy Mode Media can do for your business? 

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