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When it comes to eCommerce SEO, understanding the conversion goals of a website is crucial. Increasing the number of clicks from organic searches, while increasing the conversion rate is the aim of any strategy. first reached out to Easy Mode Media on the 13th of June, looking for SEO work on the eCommerce bedding supply store. From pillows to bed sheets, bamboo to cotton, Down Under Bedding had a solid following as a brick and mortar store in Toronto, Ontario.

The issue was that replicating that online, specifically organically, was proving a chanllenge.

Case Study Statistics Overview

Google Search Console 338% increase in click throughs from organic search
How Easy Mode Media helped increase the clicks from Google by 338% over 7 months

When we talk about improving SEO for any website, identifying Key Performance Indicators, or KPIs, is crucial for identifying the success of an SEO campaign.

Since we are looking at the SEO results in this case study, all figures and data is focused onto organic traffic only. That means, the reader came from a search engine, such as Google, Bing, etc.

These statistics are taken from July 2020 to January 2021, a 7 month period.

SEO Statistics for track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • 157.14% increase in orders
  • 223.80% increase in revenue
  • 338.52% increase organic clicks
  • 77.35% goal conversion rate

These KPI’s were identified as being the most important ways to observe improvements in the website.

Driving more organic clicks through search

Tracking important page rankings and clicks in Google Search Console
Tracking the keywords of one of the most important informational posts on the website

Getting more traffic from organic searches is a common way to identify if a strategy is working. Increasing the number of clicks from search results is a great way to prove an SEO strategy is working.

With over 338% increase in organic clicks in a 7-month period shows solid organic growth and visibility.

Above you’ll find a screenshot from Google Search Console of overall clicks in the last 7-months, coming from Google alone.

In july, the website recorded 1,272 visits and in January that had increased to 5,578. That figure is only increasing throughout 2021.

However, getting more clicks from search results is only half the battle when looking at this specifc eCommerce case study.

What about conversions?

Conversion increases due to SEO

Increasing eCommerce conversion rates with the SEO strategy in Google Analytics
How Easy Mode Media helped increase the eCommerce conversion rate over 7 months

SEO is commonly given the #1 spot in Return On Investment (ROI) for all digital marketing strategies. To analyize this, we need to look at conversions and revenue increased.

Accorsing to the Google Analytics account, website conversions increased 60% and overall revenue increased 223.80% over the 7-month period.

Using Google Analytics to keep track of organic traffic
Google Analytics increase in traffic through organic search

Not only were more people visiting the eCommerce store, many pages were converting well over 200% better.

On top of that, Google Analytics recorded site-wide goals 77.35% – which includes goals like average time on page.

What was the SEO strategy for this case study?

Initial SEO audit provides the strategy foundation and plan moving forward
The initial SEO audit that formed the initial strategy to be implemented for the website

When Easy Mode Media first begun working with Down Under Bedding, the website was unhealthy and sending a number of bad signals to search engines.

Initially the website had 6,625 broken links. From an SEO perspective, this sends signals to Google that the website and store doesn’t provide a good user experience and isn’t maintained well.

Fixing these links was a top priority, whether removing the link entirely or redirecting it to another page.

Next, the on-page optimization was (and still is) a great oppourtunity to increase the rankings of individual pages.

Meta descriptions we often much longer than recommended and some even empty. Headings, titles and URLs were another on-page optimization tactic that showed great results.

It isn’t a quick fix, as each page needs an indivdual audit and optimization, but the on-going positive effects make SEO the best resturn on investment for eCommerce businesses.

How Easy Mode Media works with a client

Keeping track of sales in Shopify dashboard for eCommerce websites
Conversions over time in Shopify analytics

Easy Mode Media takes the time to explain the SEO strategy. In this specific case study, the owner of Down Under Bedding become very interested in learning SEO as the strategy was implemented.

Making SEO Simple is the tagline for Easy Mode Media and the time taken explain the strategy and why each little factor is crucial to the overall plan is what sets us apart from our competitors.

The owner and his team are much more capable SEO’s and that extra effort is the care that all our clients receive.

Case Study Conclusion

With the right SEO strategy, Search Engine Optimization can be very profitiable for eCommerce businesses.

However, not every business is the same. Many SEO strategies are copy and paste, which may be cheaper but don’t dive into the real opportunities available for the website and business.

If you’re interested to know more about Search Engine Optimization for eCommerce websites (or any online business), get in touch with Easy Mode Media and see how we can help you perform better in organic search results.

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