Case Study: Local Edmonton Blogger Investing in SEO

Why investing in Search Engine Optimization is crucial

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about driving results to a business (or it should be). Here is a complete case study of one of Easy Mode Media’s very first clients – a local blogger from Edmonton, Canada.

Easy Mode Media began working with Just Another Edmonton Mommy in April 2020 and has seen fantastic organic growth and targeted traffic to help the website grow month to month.

Just Another Edmonton Mommy is well-known content creator in the parenting niche in my local city.

If you’re thinking of working with Easy Mode Media to improve your online business on Google and other search engines, continue reading for how your business can be the next success story.
Just Another Edmonton Mommy saw an increase of 1375% of organic visitors to the website in just 3 months. That’s over 13 times the visitors from search engines.

If you would like to see how Easy Mode Media can help your business – contact us today!

Key Performance Indicators Change

When a prospective client approaches Easy Mode Media, the first step is understanding the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

For Just Another Edmonton Mommy, pageviews, average time on page, and bounce rate were the main KPIs. Increasing these would increase ad revenue as well as overall rankings and affiliate sales.

Since becoming a client, organic traffic increased by 1375% and average time on page by 122.59%. From a low point of 658 to 4,676 monthly visitors and average time on page increase from 30 seconds to 1.07 minutes.

Search engine Optimization improvements over 3-6 months
Investing in Search Engine Optimization

Where was the website before Easy Mode Media?

Before working with Easy mode Media, there were thousands of errors, ranging from broken links, on-page optimization opportunities and other technical SEO issues.

While this parenting blog was doing extremely well on social media, it’s organic reach was around 2,000 impressions with roughly 10-15 clicks per day. Fast-forwarding to July, impressions are over 11,000 and 200+ clicks, per day.

The owner of the content-based business approached me during the very early days of Easy Mode Media as one of my very first clients and I’m happy to say the results can speak for themselves.

A local Edmonton blogger investing in SEO
A local Edmonton Mommy blogger who invested in SEO saw great organic results

What was the custom strategy implemented?

Below is a simple 4-step plan I created specifically for the website. Each online business is unique, and so their SEO strategy should reflect that. 

While there were a number of small steps between these steps, these 4 actions accounted for the best organic growth.

As with any decent SEO strategy, a complete audit was the first action taken. This included technical SEO, both on-page and off-page factors, competitor and keyword research.

This was the foundation of discovering the problems holding the website back organically.

Straight away, the errors (4xx and 5xx) totaled over 2,300. This reduced the trust factor Google (and other search engines) had for the website. A healthy website is critical to performing well in search rankings.

This was the first step in increasing traffic from organic sources. Improving the website’s health was the very first step.

Next, competitor and keyword research looked at terms that the local community were searching for that either had a strong chance of ranking well or had very little competition. This is a common strategy, but often incorrectly researched and implemented.

On-page optimization was next in this custom strategy. While some pages were doing okay, sending a few extra signals to search engines, whether secondary keywords or introducing sub-headings sent the results onto the first page results – this gives a huge boost in visibility and click-through rate.

Finally, off-page optimization. Building backlinks to a website can get a lot of owners in hot water and find a manual action, killing their organic traffic overnight. However, when done right, targeted backlinks can shoot a result to the top of the rankings.

These 4 strategies combined to give an increase of 1375% of users over a 3-month period.

Why local Edmonton websites should invest in SEO
Improvements in SEO brought 1,375% increased organic traffic throughout 2020

Are you ready to be the next success story?

If you have a business that isn’t doing as well as you would like through organic means, contact Easy Mode Media today.

Each business is unique and your SEO strategy should reflect that. Don’t fall for the trap that SEO strategies are the same – they shouldn’t be.

I will take the time to understand your business and industry and develop a solid SEO strategy for your business to improve the reach you have through search engines.

Whether your plan involves traditional SEO strategies, Local SEO factors, or a unique range or tactics, we will make sure your online business on Google and other search engines.

Ready to work with me or have any other questions? Contact Easy Mode Media today.

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