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SEO Basics For Solar Companies – Everything You Need To Know

What are the SEO basics for solar companies? How do you know if SEO is working for your solar business? What is involved in the entire process?

We’re going to answer all those questions in depth.

Since we’re a specialized solar marketing agency founded by a qualified electrician, we’re in the perfect position to show exactly how SEO for solar companies is becoming more critical.

So, even is “Solar SEO”?

What Is Solar SEO?

Solar SEO is the process of optimizing a solar company’s online presence to rank higher on search engines, like Google. 

As the solar industry becomes more competitive, you need to go deeper than just throwing a keyword in a heading. 

It’s about understanding the unique needs and interests of those seeking solar solutions.

The basics of Solar SEO is about getting your website found at the top of search results. If you know what you’re doing, it’s not as difficult and expensive as many agencies and owners make it out to be.

Here is an image of the typical SEO goal for solar companies in Texas, USA.

Why Does SEO for Solar Companies Matter?

So, why do solar companies need SEO? If Google loves your website, you will get pre-qualified, consistent and exclusive solar leads on autopilot.

Currently, there are an estimated ~400,000 monthly Google searches regarding solar, in the United States alone. That’s every single month means lead consistency. Just look at the image below.

When people search Google for solar solutions, they are actively searching for solar, often companies to install a system on their home or business. 

By contacting your company directly, these solar leads are 100% yours. There’s no lead gen middleman reselling these solar leads to other solar companies. These are exclusive solar leads.

This is why Solar SEO is so powerful. If you get it right, you’ll never have to worry about lead gen again.

It’s a long-term strategy that generates real, long-term results to help your solar company scale and grow.

Don’t be fooled, it’s not always easy and it takes time. But that’s why we exist. We’re 100% committed to the solar industry and we get results faster than any other agency because of it.

What Does an SEO Strategy for Solar Companies Look Like?

Crafting an SEO strategy for solar companies involves a blend of industry-specific keyword research, competitor analysis, and understanding the solar buyer’s journey. 

It’s about being where your customers are when they are looking for your services.

Every solar SEO strategy should incorporate the following:

  • Research Phase
  • Quality Website Design
  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Technical SEOLocal SEO for Solar Company
  • Content Marketing for Solar Companies
  • Tracking and Measuring Success

If your strategy currently doesn’t include everything above, you’re loosing leads and money.

If you’re current solar marketing agency or team can’t prove what is and isn’t working, you’re loosing leads and money.

Simple as that. 

What Are the Basics of Solar SEO?

The aim of SEO is to website visitors into a booked solar installation job. That’s the end goal and what every SEO agency should report on.

From on-page optimizations to backlink building, the basics of Solar SEO lay the foundation for SEO. 

It’s about creating an online experience that moves a reader from a website visitor to a paying customer.

How does SEO generate solar leads? Let’s dive into each of the points above to understand what they mean when we’re referring to the solar industry.

1. Research Phase

Driving solar leads is different depending on where you’re company operates. Some areas are easy, some are difficult.

This is where we gather all the needed data to generate targeted traffic and drive consistent solar leads.

As we’ve completed countless solar SEO campaigns, we often find several “low-hanging fruits” to generate leads faster than any other company. 

This phase is crucial for the campaign success of your solar company, so don’t skip this step!

2. Technical SEO

Can Google (and other search engines) find your website? If not, stop here and fix that immediately.

It’s often very easy to tell if Google can’t find your website. If your solar website is hidden from Google, you have major issues.

Type this into Google: 

site:<enter your domain here>

If your website doesn’t show up all of its current pages, you likely have technical or content issues that need to be resolved.

3. On-Page Optimization

This is the process of editing all content and media (images and videos) on your site to get found on Google AND turn visitors into paying customers.

The first step is to be found on Google. Optimize your website so search engines love your website and send you targeted traffic.

The second step is to create a fantastic user experience that makes potential customers contact you. After all, if people don’t contact you, who cares where your website shows up?

On-page SEO for solar companies is all about generating trust and authority in your company. Google and people need to trust your solar company.

4. Off-Page SEO

Here we build backlinks to your solar company’s website. Backlinks are still relevant in ranking well in SEO. 

Don’t listen to the BS about them not working – you’re listening to people who won’t get consistent results.

You need to build links to your website that are 2 things:

  1. Relevant. They need to be relevant to the solar industry.
  2. Authoritative. Google needs to trust the website and see it as an authority in the industry.

You can waste a lot of time and money here. But please, don’t buy cheap links from places like Fiverr or Upwork. You will find your website in trouble fast.

5. Website Design

Why is an SEO agency talking about website design for solar companies? Because we care about generating your consistent solar leads.

Okay, so what factors should a solar website redesign include?

There are 3 crucial factors every solar site design need:

1. Your Site Speed Is Fast

We’ve all been to a website that loads slowly – it’s annoying and people leave fast. 

People will leave your website if it loads slowly. If it takes longer than 3 seconds to fully load on the first visit, it’s too long and you’re losing leads.

2. Optimized For Solar Lead Conversion

Is it easy for people to contact you through a form or phone number? When I say ‘easy’, if it takes more than 1 interaction while on your site – it’s too difficult.

Ensure all pages show your phone number and contact form – your conversion rate will skyrocket.

3. Does Your Site Pass The “Trust Test”?

Do people trust your website? If you hide your customer reviews/testimonials or use stock images, the answer is no, people don’t trust your website.

Why would someone contact a website they don’t trust when there are other options out there? 

Website design isn’t technically SEO, but it’s a huge factor in someone trusting your website, so we offer a free solar website design for our SEO clients.

Local SEO for Solar Company

For many solar companies, their primary customer base is local. That means the area where you want solar leads is based around your city or town.

Local SEO ensures that when someone in your service area searches for solar solutions, your company can be found.

To do this, you need to ensure your Google Business Profile for your solar company is correctly optimized. Many agencies overlook this area but it is crucial to the success of a campaign.

Content Marketing for Solar Companies

Content is the reason an SEO campaign wins or loses, and in the solar industry, it’s about educating, informing, and converting. 

Through a solar content marketing strategy, a solar company can position itself as an industry leader in the area they are serving. This generates consistent and exclusive leads – for years to come.

What Causes An SEO Campaign To Fail?

There are plenty of pitfalls when it comes to SEO for a solar company.

The solar industry is competitive. If you don’t understand what a potential customer is searching for or wants to see from a solar company, then your strategy will fail.

If you’re not creating trust as soon as someone clicks on your website, your strategy will fail.

Any general marketing agency will spend months understanding the solar industry and even then, it’s a technical industry.
We’re a solar marketing agency founded by a qualified electrician. We know your language.

Common Basic SEO Solar Questions – FAQs

How Long Does Solar SEO Take To See Consistent Leads Flow?

On average, 4-12 months. Anyone who promises faster results from SEO – run away fast. 

SEO is a strategy for solar companies that plan on being around for the long haul. It will give you stability in lead generation, but only if you invest the time to make it happen.

Don’t fall into the “quick SEO” trap.

How Do You Measure SEO Solar Success?

Most agencies measure solar SEO success by rankings and traffic. You need to track conversions (or the solar leads your website generates).

Our Solar Tracking Software shows you what pages on your website generates solar leads and how they found your website.

Don’t settle for basic tracking that leaves you guessing what is working.

Can SEO Generate Solar Leads In Any Location?

Yes, with our solar geo-location strategy, we can generate leads in any location with specific content marketing practices targeting these areas.

For example, say your company is based in California, but your wanted solar leads from Texas as well, we can help with that. It’s as simple as creating the right content, targeted to each location.

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