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Monthly SEO PAckages

Why should your small business invest in a affordable SEO package? Great question. 

If you know the term “Search Engine Optimization”, you’ll know that it’s not a ‘set and forget’ thing. 

Perfecting your SEO can take a lot of time, knowledge and patience if you dive into it yourself. And all that can be taken away overnight by an algorithm change, a new competitor or a technical mishap.

With an affordable SEO package you can not only improve your current SEO, but also safe guard your website for the future.

That translates to increasing your potential customer base, increasing your conversion rate and keep those valuable ranking positions in the search engines.

Search Engine Optimization is a vital investment in the competitive landscape in 2020 for every business. 

SEO Plan Prices

Basic SEO

No set up fee, No contract
$ 149
99 Month
  • 5 hours per month
  • Monthly audit and report
  • 3 Pages optimized for SEO
  • 50 Keywords tracked
  • 5 Keywords researched
  • 1 Competitor researched
  • Backlinking strategy
  • Page speed optimization
  • Site map creation
  • Penalty fixes
  • Monthly action plan

Advanced SEO

No set up fee, No contract
$ 299
99 Month
  • At least 10 hours per month
  • Monthly audit and report
  • 7 Pages optimized for SEO
  • 100 Keywords tracked
  • 10-15 Keywords researched
  • 2 Competitors researched
  • Backlinking strategy
  • Page speed optimization
  • Site map creation
  • Penalty fixes
  • Monthly action plan

Platinum SEO

No set up fee, No contract
$ 599
99 Month
  • At least 15 Hours per month
  • Monthly audit and report
  • 15 Pages optimized for SEO
  • 200 Keywords tracked
  • 15-30 Keywords researched
  • 3 Competitors researched
  • Backlinking strategy
  • Page speed optimization
  • Site map creation
  • Penalty fixes
  • Monthly action plan

What does a monthly SEO plan look like?

Depending on which SEO plan you choose, each of these features will be applied to your site as long as you continue your service.

All 3 SEO plans come with support, monthly reporting and audit. this is done so you know exactly what is changing with your website and how your online rankings are being improved.

Search Engine Optimization can take as long as 6 months to see improvements, but it’s the long term investment that will continue to grow your business. Either 3 of these plans will improve your rankings and traffic, but the more time I can allocate to your business, the faster you will likely see results.


Do you do Custom SEO Packages?

Yes, Easy Mode Media can tailor a custom SEO package for your local business. This makes sure you get everything you want and nothing you don’t.

These monthly SEO packages can be altered to suit your personal business. Don’t need keyword research but want better keyword tracking? Want you competitors tracked and monitored closely? Easy Mode Media can help.

A few different options for custom SEO packages are below for an idea of other things we can add to your monthly SEO plan, but if you have a specific need, reach out to me directly and we discuss options.

Custom Local SEO Packages

Not every business will need a Local SEO Package. But if you do, this is a great opportunity to get an advantage on your competition.

If you’re operating a local business, especially a physical location, Local SEO is important for your customers to find you.

So what does a Local Business SEO Plan include? Depending on your current standing, your strategy for Local SEO will vary.

Easy Mode Media will analyze your local directories, or create them if they haven’t been. From here, your accounts will be optimized and incorrect information will be improved. Your reviews will be monitored and a strategy for improving this will be designed and put in place.

With a solid Local SEO plan, you’ll make it easy for your customers to find you and the information they want. Which in turn, makes search engines like Google happy to present you at the top of local searches.

SEO Content Writing Packages

Do you need a content package created? Easy Mode Media offers SEO content writing packages for almost any niche. 

Content creation can be time consuming, so why not focus on what you love? Easy Mode Media will take the time to learn your niche and industry. Find profitable keywords within your ability to rank well and craft highly optimized SEO content so your business can benefit from the content sooner.

Easy Mode Media will tailor you content writing package to your business and customers. All the technical and On-Page SEO optimization will be done for you, so you can focus on your business.

One time SEO Package

Are you just after a one time SEO package? Easy Mode Media doesn’t have any contracts in place, so just choose your monthly SEO package from above, and you can cancel at any time.

You’ll get everything listed in the cheap packages for Search engine Optimization, but no reoccurring monthly fees. While you’ll lose the benefit of monthly tracking (rankings, traffic, etc), you’ll still get amazing value for the professional and knowledgeable investment of SEO.

Still have questions?

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Affordable SEO Packages for Small Business. Improve your SEO every month with these cheap fixed price SEO packages and plans.
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